Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 minute cards

I realized last night that keeping up this blog is hard work, but it forces me to be creative for a little bit each day. As I sat in the office trying to whip out a card, I ruined one my smudging it with ink from my thumb. Darn...I kinda liked that one. I even took the time to stamp the inside, which is not like me. As I was putting the finishing touches on the inside, I realized I put a smudge on the scored area of the card. Boo!!!

I used an owl image and tried a new card. This one was quicker and easier. I might add a couple small touches, but I think this is pretty much done. This one is going to the St. Jude's card drive my friend Val told me about.

I need to finish my sister's wedding album, do a mini album for her with the pictures she gave me of her and mom, work on 3 baby girl mini albums, and ... there's a ton of projects I NEED to work on, so maybe this blog will help me focus.

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